About Us

I resumed swimming as an adult at the Santa Monica YMCA in 2013. The coaches were engaging and passionate about swimming.The group was welcoming and I soon found myself making new friendships, along with swimming regularly.
The swim program at the YMCA was dismantled in April 2014. It was then that Corinne and I decided we wanted to continue receiving the same great coaching, and swim with our friends so we began SAMO Masters in May 2014. SAMO was also the name of the YMCA swim team. We are fortunate to have Iman Khadembashi as our coach. He is committed to swimming and to helping his swimmers improve. His coaching style is unique, accomodating and helps to build endurance, speed, strength and improve technique.

Our mission is to provide a Masters program that is affordable, while creating a place where all swimmers feel welcome, and to provide an environment where friendships are easily made. All while having fun and challenging workouts!
Come swim with us…

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